Readings and coaching consultations

Galactivation Basic


Galactivation level one is your basic energy settings for soul purpose .

I use galactic symbolism and channeled wisdom to determine where you came from where you are at the present moment and where you are probably going . We will see if there are past lives as well  and what your soul needs to get active .    

Galactivation Heritage plus


Galactivation level two is your basic energy

settings for soul purpose and added you galactic heritage setting . Meaning what race memory are you healing from chakra one to seven . We are looking at blocks based on past present and future galactic race memory you are here to heal . This reading is expanded.

Specially when  you are waking up to higher levels of consciousness and need navigational assistance.

Master activation course


Galactivation level three includes level one and two readings plus and extensive research into your subconscious settings plus life consultation diets and life changing strategies to help you to adjust to these new ascension energies .We will also look into ascension symptoms and making you aware of what has been unconscious helping you to reset unwanted routines bringing about beneficial energy for higher human potential. This reading basically is that long and takes several days to prepare  that is why this is a personalized course for you .

Booking instructions !

Session Level one is  111.- 

Session Level two is  250.-

Session level three is 500.-

When paying state which session and a brief headline about you !

Please leave e- mail  we either do mp3 file (audiofile will be sent) or skype live 

depending on your or my schedule !

Once service is rendered and delivered no refund !

Time frames may vary due to energy settings.  

Sometimes things work very fast sometimes they need time

to transmit consider patience

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